SEC is supported by Joshua, Zoe, Charis, and Judah – and Benji.

When families are empowered to make the best decisions for their own flourishing, we all win.

Leadership is only effective when it seeks to serve and promote the flourishing of a society. Above all, I want to see people thrive. The 41st District could be a place that attracts strong families who want to live, work, and play here while they protect children, promote commerce, and plan for the future.

Human life is a gift unlike any other life. I support policies that show we treasure life from conception to natural death, including protecting the unborn, requiring paternal responsibility, equipping parents in crisis to thrive while choosing life, improving maternal health and childbirth outcomes, eradicating human trafficking and child abuse, and increasing access to quality education, mental health support, safe and warm housing, and help to overcome addiction. 

I reject the position that the government is primarily responsible for the health, welfare, and education of children. Parents and guardians are primarily responsible for the health, welfare, and education of children. Where parents and guardians need support in these areas, or where these are failing the children in their care, private individuals and the government must step in to protect and uplift, because human life is precious. It is worth preserving and protecting, and making sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness promotes a flourishing society.

Accordingly, I oppose all COVID vaccine mandates and respect the rights of families to make their own medical choices regarding healthcare. (Abortion is not healthcare.) I broadly support medical freedom; I also broadly oppose government over-regulation of private business. Where these two conflict, decisions must be on a case-by-case basis.

Above all, I want to see people thrive, and women thrive when their pursuits are protected from unfair, discriminatory intrusion in the name of inclusion. When the interests of women as a whole directly contradict the interests of a much smaller group in society, the women’s rights must prevail; thus, I support legislation that protects all women’s sports for biological females.

Above all, I want to see families thrive, and predatory gambling is tantamount to a tax on the poorest, most vulnerable among us. I oppose predatory gambling of any kind, and support legislation preventing gambling opportunities from being marketed to children, similar to such laws in place against tobacco advertising. The cost to our society of predatory gambling negates any potential benefit from tax revenue generated.

I support medical cannabis provided the legislation clearly enables a medical professional (doctor) to dose a carefully produced medicine that has been scientifically verified to treat a particular condition. I think we are there or nearly there on many conditions for adults, but it’s unclear that medical cannabis has any potential for treating children (beyond the already approved Epidiolex). We need more research on that (also the FDA’s statements) before we legislate the possibility.

As a woman with multiple sclerosis taking a medicine with an annual price tag of $88,000, and knowing those in the UK couldn’t get the same medication unless they’ve had a verified relapse, I know two things: 1) our healthcare system is broken, and 2) the solution is not socialized, government-controlled healthcare. I support policies that ensure open and fair pricing policies across healthcare needs, including copay caps. I support policies that enable medical professionals to provide quality care without crippling Medicaid or families in health crises.