Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

Advocate for Respect, Dialogue, and Progress in KY's 41st House District

Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell is a Christian, wife, mom, educator, businesswoman, and longtime Louisville resident who loves the Highlands and Kentucky.

Growing up with parents who prioritized family, education, and befriending those in need, Sara-Elizabeth learned to value hard work and loving others. Her father began teaching her and a group of friends Spanish when she was ten years old. At age 12, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. A few years later, when the local elementary school asked for her help with some Spanish-speaking students, she knew that teaching language was her calling.

Sara-Elizabeth’s professional career started with teaching Spanish in U.S. schools. She soon expanded to volunteer leadership in programs for English for immigrants and refugees, as well as consulting with schools, districts (including JCPS), and professional educator organizations on how to improve their world language programs. She also is a renowned curriculum developer for K-12 Spanish programs.

Sara-Elizabeth and her husband have three school-aged children. She enjoys traveling with her family, serving at her church, helping families and businesses flourish, reading, creating, and volunteering with Refuge International to help the international community in Louisville thrive in their new home.

The Highlands and surrounding neighborhoods have been at a standstill under ineffective, ignored representation for decades, and it’s time for a change. With a passion born of a desire to live out her faith while advocating for respect, progress, education, and purposeful questions that lead to life-changing answers, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell wants to inspire dialogue and real change in Kentucky’s 41st House District as she seeks the welfare of the city of her exile (Jeremiah 29:7).

Bachelor of Science: English Education / Spanish Education
Master of Arts: Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition)



Kentucky World Language Association

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Refuge International

Grace Fellowship Church

Phone: 502-309-4298
Address: P.O. Box 5522, Louisville, KY 40255